Don’t forget your umbrella when visiting Bergen!

Bergen is situated in Norway. It is the second largest city of the country and it is also a cultural tourist city.

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It is a port town and its famous district, Bryggen, tells us that the city was a market town in the 14th Century and connected Norway to the rest of Europe at the time of the Hanseatic League.

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Once you have disembarked, you can get Bryggen on foot. It will take you 10 to 15 minutes. What’s interesting there? First its colourful wooden houses, then its Hanseatic wharf, the fish market and the mountains overlooking the harbour.

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The city counts 280,000 inhabitants, 10% of which are students. Bryggen, which means pier or quay in Norwegian, has 62 wooden buildings. They are not all original as the wharf was damaged by many fires in the past. The last one dates back to 1955 but the buildings were rebuilt exactly as it was according to the initial plans.

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To separate the buildings there are narrow wooden pathways. During the Hanseatic League there were many merchant guilds  living there. They were all of German nationality. That is why all the wooden houses look towards the harbour.

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Bryggen is a piece of the memory of these markets towns of Northern Europe. Thus it has been on the List of the UNESCO National Heritage since 1979.

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Today there are no dried fish (called stockfisch) anymore in the wooden houses as it was the case in the past! They are the right place to have a snack in a restaurant, buy a work of art or do shopping.

There is a wide range of clothes and other stuff. I advise you to do your shopping in tax-free shops. Once back on board the tax will be refunded after the last stopover in Norway (check the Diario di Bordo for time and place – change will be in Euros).

The Fisketorget or Fish market is one of the liveliest places of the city.

bergen19 bergen20

That is the right place to taste local products, fresh products! You will find all kinds of products, even whale sausage! As for me, I don’t recommend it but if they ask you to taste, be brave, taste it!


When the weather is fine, there is a funicular which enables you to reach the top of Mount Floyen (320 m high). From there, enjoy the view of the harbour and the fjords.


But rainfall is important in Bergen, even in July and August. May seems to be the driest month whereas October is the wettest one. Average temperatures in July and August range from 8°C to 13°C. Sun hours in July and August tot up around 150 hours. In comparison, Paris tots up 250 sun hours and Nice, 360 hours!

To sum up, don’t forget your umbrella and your jacket when visiting Bergen!

Wanna more information about Bergen? Ask below!


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