Costa Fascinosa, a charming cruise ship

Costa Fascinosa was inaugurated in May 2012. She is one of the biggest cruise ships belonging to Costa Cruises. She is 290 meters long and can accomodate up to 3,800 passengers. Her sister ship is Costa Favolosa and I will introduce her in another post.

There are 1,058 cabins among which there are 524 balcony cabins and 56 staterooms.

fasc3 fasc4

Costa Fascinosa is a magnificent cruise ship with all the amenities you may dream of. If you’re hungry, you may have a snack or a proper meal in one of the 5 restaurants. You’ll be charged eating in two of them: the Club Restaurant and the Samsara Restaurant. The Club Restaurant is complimentary if you have booked a stateroom or if you are a member of the prestigious Perla Diamante Club.


If you fancy a drink, there are 13 bars with a cigar lounge and a chocolate bar.

fasc24 fasc19

Need a comfortable place to relax? Here are some advice:

  • Once back from an excursion, bars next to the atrium are taken by storm. You won’t be able to sit down. So you’d better choose a farther bar.
  • When approaching a port of call at mealtimes, don’t have lunch or breakfast. Restaurants and buffets will be overcrowded. You’d better eat before disembarking or after the excursion. If you’re hungry, summon your patience!

4 swimming pools and plenty of hot tubs with one pool covered by a removable glass roof.

fasc11 fasc10 fasc8

One of the pools has a water slide. It is situated near the children’s playground and the sports ground.


Leisure amenities are everywhere:

  • The 2-storeyed spa spretching over 6,000 m2
  • The 4D cinema
  • The theatre
  • The casino

fasc20 fasc21

  • The Formula 1 simulator
  • The shops
  • The library
  • The chapel

fasc23 fasc22

  • The disco
  • The virtual game room

To put it in a nutshell, you’ll have a lot of fun on board Costa Fascinosa as it is always the case on Costa cruise ships.

fasc17 fasc16 fasc15 fasc14 fasc13 fasc12 fasc9 fasc6 fasc5

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