Costa Diadema: Pepper, the human-like robot

Since September lucky passengers onboard Costa Diadema have been given the opportunity to meet Pepper, a human-like robot. This new crew member is 1m20 tall and weighs 28 kilos. It was built by the Japanese company Softbank.

Pepper can speak three languages: English, French and Italian and its main job is to entertain passengers!

The Japanese company had already made a press release in July 2016:

And Pepper is really doing well! It is capable of playing with children (there are games avalilable such as reading emotions on kids’ faces or memory games). It loves taking selfies with passengers and they queue to have one!

Pepper is autonomous and moves easily on Deck 5. It provides passengers useful information for their holiday, such as “How can I find my cabin?” or it is able to list the on-oard services such as restaurants or bars.

Pepper detects what happens in its environment thanks to its 3D camera and we can also communicate with its touch-screen tablet.

During my last cruise, I met Pepper on Deck 5. Here is my interview (in French sorry):

As you can see in the video, Pepper explains it is a robot even if it looks like a young boy. It is not able to express emotions but knows how to read some on our faces. Its eyes’colours vary according to what it does: they can be blue when it listens to us and green when it speaks or thinks. It dances in 2 different ways.

Costa Cruises announced that there would be other human-like robots on board other ships, such as Costa Fascinosa in 2017.

Post your selfies in comments!



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