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Fan de Croisières Costa depuis toujours Petite, j'adorais la série "La Croisière s'amuse". Aujourd'hui, je vis en famille mes propres épisodes de cette série. Mon plus grand rêve? Un tour du monde en croisière sur un paquebot Costa!

Costa Diadema at Christmas

My travel writing on-board Costa Diadema December 23rd – 30th 2016

My travel cruise is a bit different this time since I was hurt before leaving and I had to move using sticks. This experience showed me how people can be discourteous sometimes!

I can’t count how many lifts I was unable to take because some rude passengers tried to close the doors as fast as possible or ran to catch a lift even if I was waiting for one for a long time…

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Costa Diadema: Pepper, the human-like robot

Since September lucky passengers onboard Costa Diadema have been given the opportunity to meet Pepper, a human-like robot. This new crew member is 1m20 tall and weighs 28 kilos. It was built by the Japanese company Softbank.

Pepper can speak three languages: English, French and Italian and its main job is to entertain passengers!

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Norwegian houses with plant-covered roofs

In Norway we could discover the way they use plants to increase thermal insulation: their roofs are covered with plants.


Plant-covered roof in Geiranger, Norway

We can notice that this is not a new technique as they have been using it since the New Stone Age.

It consists in covering slightly sloping or flat roofs with a substrate enabling the development of a plant wall.

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Costa Fascinosa, a charming cruise ship

Costa Fascinosa was inaugurated in May 2012. She is one of the biggest cruise ships belonging to Costa Cruises. She is 290 meters long and can accomodate up to 3,800 passengers. Her sister ship is Costa Favolosa and I will introduce her in another post.

There are 1,058 cabins among which there are 524 balcony cabins and 56 staterooms.

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Waterfalls in Geirangerfjord, a romantic legend

When sailing in the Geiranger Fjord in Norway, admire the magnificent waterfalls. Before your arrival in Geiranger village, there are the 2 most famous waterfalls of the fjord. They look at each other.

The first waterfall is called the Seven Sisters Waterfall as it is composed of seven separate streams with a free fall that measures 250m.

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